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Product name:saph440 tube
Application: Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, mechanical instruments and other industrial pipelines and mechanical structural components.

SAPH310 SAPH370 SAPH400 SAPH440 - bebonchina

The steel plate SAPH310,SAPH370,SAPH400,SAPH400 are hot rolled mild steel plates with the minimum tensile strength of 310MPa,370MPa,400MPa and 440MPa.

Complete Strut Assemblies - Leacree Co., Ltd

LEACREE Complete Strut Assemblies are engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications using the latest state of the art manufacturing processes to ...[PDF]

Hot-rolled Pickled Automotive Steel Sheets

1 热轧酸洗产品以其表面质量、节省工序能耗等独特优势,越来越多地被应 用在汽车制造行业,成为汽车底盘、车轮、座椅 ...


Translate this page鋼鐵材料規格與編號1. 鋼鐵材料五大元素:鋼鐵材料原本是由鐵礦石經煉鐵、煉鋼,或再精鍊等製造程序產生;也有經回收 ...

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