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Product name:small plastic worm gears
Application: Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, mechanical instruments and other industrial pipelines and mechanical structural components.

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Types. There are three different types of gears that can be used in a worm drive. The first are non-throated worm gears. These don't have a throat, or groove ...Explanation · Types · Direction of transmission · Applications · Left hand and right hand worm

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EUDAX 6 set Rectangular Mini Electric 1.5-3V 24000RPM DC Motor with 80 Pcs Plastic Gears,Electronic wire, 2 x AA Battery Holder ,Motor Mounting Bracket,Boat Rocker ...

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KHK USA, Inc. Economical Plastic Worm Gears Meeting the needs for small and lightweight components. Economical sintered gears and injection-molded gears are offered ...

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Examples of early gear applications include: Ma Jun (c. 200–265 AD) used differential gears as part of a south-pointing chariot. The first geared mechanical clocks ...

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Hypoid gears were developed by Gleason. They are cone shape gears similar to spiral bevel gears except they transmit motion between non-intersecting shafts.

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